Hi there, I’m Gaby. (It definitely is one b only.)

I’m currently a college student who wastes a lot of her life by thinking too much about life and obsessing about the past. The blog was originally created when I was a book blogger in 2010 where I used the blog as an outlet to review the books I read or I was given to review. It was pretty nifty back then, but I wasn’t particularly good at it so it eventually some things had to come to an end. So things change, and for a while this blog was aimless and collecting dust in the corner of wordpress because of that.

Blog title comes from the fact that I’m a very quiet kid by nature, always described by peers and teachers as a “quiet kid”. The kind that sat in class and was mostly forgettable, but was very observant and noticed every inner working going on in class.

I don’t actually call myself ‘Gabry’ but I enjoy the way it looks. (Fun fact: I tried using Gabry in real life, but everybody I knew thought I was just misspelling my name and thought I was crazy. Like, who misspells their own name when they’re thirteen?)