Introduction: Writing Journey 2017

I’ve deliberated over having a blog for a while, having stopped using it after the beginning of high school, tried again after a series of false starts, but I’ve decided that a website and blog is necessary for my writing journey. I’ve said it before, but I’m ready to say it again and mean it this time. This is a blog I’m writing.

Now that I’ve got that down, I’m starting to begin tinkering around with the website controls. It’s been a while since I’ve done it, so everything is unfamiliar and a little annoying, but I know when I finish it I’ll like it much better.

I will post all my list of objectives for this blog that will hopefully be concrete, as a series of posts/series that I hope to write in the future. Writing-wise, journey to publishing-wise, and tidbits from my personal life.

My goals:

  1. Talk about my writing journey (finding critique partners, making sense of new novel ideas, begin to tackle revisions, and much more)
  2. Discuss about the works I’m writing (gushing about the ideas, my current progress)
  3. Personal life (how I’m doing in school, what I loved reading recently, other favorite books and movies or TV shows, and reflections on myself/the past)
  4. Advice posts (talk about high school, talk about college, all the things I’ve experienced)
  5. Others (whatever isn’t included in categories 1-4 that I figure I should do in the future)

Hopefully, this plan sticks. I’ll start drafting what I should be writing in the near future soon.

Crossing fingers.


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