No Ifs or Buts About It

I have decided to commit myself to blogging again. No more “hey guys I’m back” posts, but then nothing comes out of it months later. I’m seriously going to blog. This isn’t going to collect dust again. Which means I have finally decided to come up with an actual scheme to this blog because I’ve come upon some revelations.

I have done nothing coherent with my summer at all. I am going to be a senior in the fall. I have to apply to colleges. And given my college list and the fact that I am already registered on CommonApp, it’s pretty pathetic to say that I haven’t actually done anything productive. I’ve had summer plans, but flip-flopped when they were about go come to fruition (volunteer at the library to help kids, become a proofreader for translations groups because I misread the directions, etc.) You name it, I pretty much failed at it.

I’ve also realized that blogs should come with a “read more” function. At least all the WordPress layouts have that kind of kind of styling, so I should seriously put my posts as read more. I’ve also learned, that being a teenager with at least some money in her bank account (as much money as saving a few dollars can allow), I can actually buy a URL or get a custom layout for this blog. So I’ll do that, because that will make me become more invested with this blog and not try to abandon it.

But lastly, I know what to do with this blog. So I’m going to schedule some posts to put in the beginning in the summer to kick off my new resolution for this blog. I’m going to update this blog at least once a week as I ramble about little anecdotes from my childhood, my ventures into high school writing contests (or trying to write personal essays to be seen somewhere), and most importantly (for future readers): I’m going to talk about my high school application process.

So that’s that. I’ll go write some other posts now.


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