Blog Plans

There are exactly 12 days until my 17th birthday. If I’m lucky, then on the Tuesday after that, I may be able to pass my driving test. But mostly, this is just a post to say that I’m back. (For real.) Although I doubt anybody’s still reading this—I wouldn’t have, personally—I am back to talk about my life again. This time I have an agenda, so it won’t be random and sporadic posts about nothing. I’ll be sharing tidbits about my life before, while also documenting my adventures in trying to write personal essays and getting them somewhere, (i.e. win a contest, publish them somewhere) that kind of stuff.

I would write more, except I have a lot of homework to do that I really should be doing, so goodbye for now!

Second Year Coming to A Close

Wow, what a mouthful of a title.

I told myself I’d start using this blog again, but I lied. So I didn’t and I let myself be carried away by the great stream of life that was my second year of high school. To be completely honest, it wasn’t that life-changing or busy as it should have been to the extent that I wouldn’t have run this blog. (I was just lazy, shame on me!) My interests still stay the same, however. I still want to write a novel and I still want to write a book about my life.

Funny it seems, how some things never change.

I’m looking for my drawing tablet again so I can make comics for this blog and make it at least somewhat humoring. I was given Allie (one of my idols) Brosh’s book for Christmas. It had some of her old blog posts reading it, but I still enjoyed it nevertheless. Reading it was quite therapeutic and gave me feelings that settled in my soul for a while, like when I read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath this year in fifth period class, which was Journalism.

This is the last week of my sophomore year, which means finals is coming around the corner. As in, it’s tomorrow. Which means I should be freaking out because duh, I have to study (which I am but also I’m not so I am in a sinking pit of despair). After finals are over, I do believe (and hope, no promises there!) that I’ll actively use this. I have a few anecdotes or funny situations in my life that I wanted to post on here, so fingers crossed that I can find my tablet or study enough for finals that I feel motivated to come back on here.


Magnum Opus

If there was anything in life I’d wish for, it’d be to have a magnum opus. So far, I have yet to get an idea for one, but when the time comes, I hope it’ll certainly be great. (It’s probably a bit too much to ask for the Great American Novel, so I’ll settle for a magnum opus that I think is presentable, at best)

It’s no secret that I (at least I think) that I want to write when I get older. Probably not in journalism, but it’d be nice to be the next Bernstein and Woodward, though. For me, I’d like to write books. I already have some ideas in my head already, specifically around two that I’d like to seriously consider writing and finishing one day.

If all goes well, I’d like to write a fun commercial series that people will hate/love, some just-okay novels, some average novels, and then the magnum opus. It probably wouldn’t be on the scale of The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, or The Grapes of Wrath, but I’d like it to be like Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, if possible.

If I did become famous for one of the works I do (hopefully a good book), I’d probably not do much for the popularity I’d receive. I know, it’s probably quite an overstretch to think something I might write become famous (I’m not shooting for Harry Potter famous, but famous in the way that more than one person would buy it!) but I’m optimistic. I’m supposed to become a doctor when I grow older and attend medical school and I shouldn’t really be considering being an “writer because it can’t financially support me” and all that crud, but I’m hopeful.

And, if it’s not too conceited, I’d like to write a memoir about my life.



I’m back!

Woah, has it been a while since I’ve been on here.

And as you can see, I’ve deleted almost all my posts. (I still have them though, but I deleted them because I wanted to start over.)

I was kind of unhappy about the way I ran my blog. I didn’t like the way I write posts so then I went away a while to go think about what I wanted to do. Eventually, it became a day, then a week, then months, and now finally I’m back.

I’m not sure if things’ll be the same again.

Instead I’ll be doing weird doodle things and posting them about as blog posts. Sort of a not-review thing.

But I’m back.

I’m glad I’m back though. So it’s good.

My birthday’s coming up soon. That’s kind of strange.

The First Post Ever

My first blog post.

Hello world!

edited since 2013 (because my ’09 self thought weirdly.)

The purpose of this blog now is just for me to write this as a memoir of sorts. I guess. Pretty lame because I’m only 15. But I like memories and recounting them, so yeah.