Introduction: Writing Journey 2017

I've deliberated over having a blog for a while, having stopped using it after the beginning of high school, tried again after a series of false starts, but I've decided that a website and blog is necessary for my writing journey. I've said it before, but I'm ready to say it again and mean it … Continue reading Introduction: Writing Journey 2017


No Ifs or Buts About It

I have decided to commit myself to blogging again. No more "hey guys I'm back" posts, but then nothing comes out of it months later. I'm seriously going to blog. This isn't going to collect dust again. Which means I have finally decided to come up with an actual scheme to this blog because I've … Continue reading No Ifs or Buts About It

Blog Plans

There are exactly 12 days until my 17th birthday. If I'm lucky, then on the Tuesday after that, I may be able to pass my driving test. But mostly, this is just a post to say that I'm back. (For real.) Although I doubt anybody's still reading this—I wouldn't have, personally—I am back to talk … Continue reading Blog Plans